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Problem in program downloading with ROM version for MPC860

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Dec 17, 2004
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We have designed a board using MPC860 processor.
On the Board we have two Numbers of 1MB x 16 bit RAM arranged as 1MB x 32 bit and two numbers of 4MB x 16 bit Flash(AM29LV641DH) arranged as 4MB x 32 bit

We are using Code warrior 8.5 IDE for firmware development and Ethernet TAP Pro for debugging the program and programming the flash.
The board is working fine in Debug Version. We are able to download our programs and tested that RAM is fully functional over the entire range.

In ROM Version, we have selected flash configuration properly and when we try to erase the device, we get the message "Flash Programmer: Can not read target memory at location: 0x010010A2" Snapshot of error message along with the configuration file is attached for reference. This configuration file is used for both Debug and ROM versions.

We enabled debugging and observed the following.
In Debug version RAM is accessed as 32 bit device. But in ROM Version, RAM is being accessed as 8 bit device. We donot have provision on our board to access RAM as 8 bit device. Hence the flash programmer fails to write flash drivers into RAM.

>From the above observations, I understand that if the RAM is accessed as 32 bit device in ROM version then the issue will be resolved. I would like to know the settings needed in IDE to tell it to access RAM as 32-bit device.

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