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Problem connecting Sorensen SLH-300-12-1200 Electronic load to PWM rectifier

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Feb 29, 2016
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Hello everybody, I'm working with a single phase PWM bridge rectifier as the one shown in the image.

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I'm trying to use a Sorensen SLH-300-12-1200 Electronic Load as dc lods, but when I try to connect it it starts to change among modes (Constant current-Lin-Constant Resistance) and the input current (labeld as if) gets distorted. However, if I use resisitive passive loads, up to 1.5 kW can be driven with unitary power factor form the grid to the dc loads.

I have tryed the following:
-A blocking diode.
-A minimum resistive load (40 Watts) shunt connected to the electronic load.
-A huge dc capacitor (3.6mF) shunt connected really close to the conections of the load.
-A small capacitor (22nF) shunt connected for high frequency supression.

With all the above, problem still persists. I have tested the load with a fixed power supply and it sorks perfectly normal. I don't know if the switching noise in the dc voltage has an effect in the electronic load. When it changes between modes it changes its configuration to sync mode as if it was an AC load.

Thanks for taking the time to read my problem.

P.S. I'm new at this forum, sorry if I have posted in the wrong category.

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