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problem about PCBNavigator

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Dec 17, 2007
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pcb navigator

i met a problem with pcbnavigator.
i have a orcad schematic and i need to place route in pads2005.
so i use pcbnavigator to sync each other.
but some thing happend

1.everytime i open the opj file in pcbnavigator, and select the design ,then there is always a RETRY(重试 in chinese) prompt coming out. i must wait the RETRY coming ,and then i press the OK(确定 in chinese)buton then it can be all right following .but if i press OK before the RETRY prompt coming out ,the PCBNavigator stops ,and nothing done at all. why ? i donnot know.

2.for some project ,PCBNavigator can still work even the problem above exists.
but some are not that lucky. i got a project from my boss,and there is an error when i open it in PCBNavigator ,and here is the error info :

D:\Program Files\orcad\tools\capture\PCBNavigator5.1\edif.exe: edif
Reading edif netlist "F:\mywork\orcad\STI\sch_v1.2a_070919.edn"
31 I / 0 P / 0 V / 26 E imported.
Malformed property @ 2090 : Part Code kind 2
There is a syntax error in the file "F:\mywork\orcad\STI\sch_v1.2a_070919.edn"
Line 2090 : Expected '(' DefinePropertyValue
Line 2090 : Invalid text ')'.
Batch execution terminated.

Unable to generate CDB.

the project has no error when preforimg DRC.
so what does it mean by that syntax error .

here is part of the edn file :

(instance CV2
(viewRef NetlistView
(cellRef CAP NP
(libraryRef OrCAD_LIB))) (designator "CV2")
(property Part Code (2) (string "B15G-129-210351-00")) --here is line 2090
(property Assembly (string "Discrete smd - top"))
(property FDF (string "Back End - SD Analog Video - Glue - 1"))
(property PCB Footprint (string "C0603"))
(property MDS PN (string "06-Y1040501"))
(property Video (string "Video"))
(property layer (string "N"))
(property Name (string "INS34512861"))
(property Package (string "SMD0402"))
(property Package(2) (string "SMD0603"))
(property Manufacturer (string "N/A"))
(property Part Code (string "B15G-129-210351-00"))
(property Value (string "100nF"))
(property Description (string "MultilayerCeramicChipCAP,X7R,10%,SMD0603,25V"))
(portInstance &1)
(portInstance &2))

my pads is version 2005 ,not pads2005sp2.
PCBNavigator is version 5.1
orcad is version 10.5sp1
i have only the schematic from my boss,and no user library.

what may be the problem ,i was puzzled.
please help me , and thanks a lot.

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