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Power pcb + win xp problem, English instruction needed

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Mar 13, 2003
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powerpcb 5.01 pink key

Windows has a problem finding the pink key while using powerpcb 5. It shuts off for no reason a couple times a day. If I get lucky, it asks if I want to retry looking for it. I downloaded the program that goes around the security check, but the instructions are written in chinese. Anyone got english instructions?

powerpcb pink dongle

All the programs to test pink key:



Hoi Joop,

Bij mij is er niks aan de hand, ik gebruik versie powerpcb 5.01 en een fake dongle. Mijn xp versie is xp professional+sp1. Ook heb ik een license server en een floating license geprobeerd en dat ging ook. Overigens maak ik van dezelfde fake dongle ook gebruik bij epd3. Het is wel zo dat wanneer je andere "beveiligde" applicaties installeerd je (gekraakte) dongle driver "ge-updated" kan worden en zodoende geen fake-dongle meer hebt. Dit is te herstellen door de fake dongle driver opnieuw te installeren.

I think everybody would appreciate using English because it is the official language of this board.

Oh, heck, one can always translate with freely available and excellent web tools :D

InterTran (**broken link removed**) offered their help... see the result below:

"Towards my is yonder nothing the handshake , I way version powerpcb 501 and one fake dongle. My xp version is xp professionalsp1+. Too have I one permit server and one floating permit geprobeerd and who went too. Otherwise make I with the same fake dongle too way towards epd3. It is well-being thus who whenever yours other " secure applicaties fit up yours ( creaking dongle driver ge updated " pitcher turn and thus not one fake dongle more hebt. This is within retrieve through the fake dongle driver once more within fit up."

Eh, now I understand something! And discussing here about using fake dongles is not exactly within the rules, I guess :?
Please keep that kind of stuff away from this forum.


You are right about the dutch language Ted, I will punish myself. Regarding the dongle, it was just a discussion about a problem that sometimes occurs, not where to find it or any other naughty stuff.

I think you'd better not use 'the program that goes around the security check' for you work to against the law.

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