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Power consumption of wifi rtsp cameras

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May 31, 2015
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I don't know if this is the right forum for this. I have a small wooden cabin with solar panel and a battery, and I want to put a small wifi router and rtsp camera there, like this one But I don't know how much power they use. I have a 40Ah 12V battery there. Solar panel is small 10W panel. So the power consumption is a concern. I see that some of them recomment 12V 2A supply, but that seems ridiculously high.
I'm talking about camera, in daylight (no IR LED's)... Does anybody know, just a rough figure, 500mW, 1W, 2W, 1.21GW?

12V @ 2A calculates as 24W.
The rating is probably for average quality power supply, so they tend to quote a high spec. Maybe the camera draws 1A when running normally, but draws bursts of 2A occasionally? With the result that supply voltage drops briefly?

Maybe the camera can tolerate the supply declining to 11V, but by that time it requires 2A to sustain operation?

Maybe the router can run on 1A normally, but must draw 2.5A in order to boost transmission and reception when conditions require? Can you find a way to turn certain features On or Off, with the aim to save power?

You probably surmise that daily charging may not be sufficient to replenish power consumption. Suppose your battery drain is 2A for 4 hours. At 10W your solar panel needs 9 or 10 hours of daylight to recharge the battery.

At that rate you're lucky if you get one day's operation per charge session.
You don't know what your setup can do until it goes through a test run.

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