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Power bank in a circuit.

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Mar 21, 2015
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Hi all....
I need help regarding power bank which is used to charge mobiles.
the output from power bank is 5v 10000mah. and i have attached the output of power bank to a circuit which runs on 5v.
My problem was the power bank does not give continues ouput untill and unless the circuit(Load) consumes 70ma. the power bank shuts off automatically after 15 sec. so i attached a dummy load, LEDs to the output to makw the flow continue. But again my problem is when i put my power bank in charging the ouput goes down from 5v to 0.60v due to which my circuit gets off and again i need to reset my circuit.

Can anybody please me what should i do to keep my circuit always on even when my power bank goes for charging. is it possible to alter the power bank circuit and make tge output of power bank always on.


a powerbank is meant to charge mobiles, not to supply any other devices.
Usually when the mobile battery is full, then the power bank switches OFF.

For details contact the power bank manufacturer.


There is control circuitry inside the power bank, you have to either modify that circuit or completely eliminate that circuit and design a new circuit at your own . So let me know if you are ok to design a new circuit.

yes am planning to design my own circuit.... can u help me for this....

The power bank has the current detecting shutoff circuit on the same circuit board as its voltage boosting circuit and its Lithium battery charger circuit so you need to design all circuits for it to not shutoff when its load current is low.
A problem will be that its battery will be destroyed if it becomes discharged too low. Then you should also add your own circuit to disconnect it when its battery voltage becomes too low.

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