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please i want to know ............

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Aug 15, 2007
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Please i want to know how to go about building a burgler alarm which will involve the use of a chip(with c++ and assembly language program embbeded in it).The chip will be the processor

This is one example of how it can be done.

You can choose a different approach. Define the entry points that need to be protected, such as windows and doors, select a type of sensor to detect opening (magnetic of mechanical switches, but they should not be easily defeated), or for windows that do not open even a piece of wire stretched along the perimeter of the window will work.
Then decide how the micro will check these switches and what happens when one is activated.

Also keep in mind the sabotage circuit. Use only normaly closed contact switches and place a resistor in series with the switch (and within the switch!). Meassure the current. If someone tries to overrule the switch the current will change and so you can detect sabotage. Current measurement can be easy by the µC AD converter or a simple window comparator. (over and under current -> open , sabotage)

omokoya said:
... with c++ and assembly language program embbeded in it...

I think, the only microcontrollers that support C++ are the ARM families, and you can program just about any mucrocotroller in assembly. Each microcontroler has it's own assembly language, though. In general, I would strongly advise you against programming in assembly for any kind of project.

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