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please help me motor controller problem

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May 31, 2011
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hi everybody im new here

im tryin a little home automation in my downtime but im havin a problem with a motor for my blinds

i using a 12 channel relay controller **broken link removed** same as that one there
im using channel one for down channel 2 for up
i have them both wired to the same power supply a 12 v battery at the moment
but when i power the unit up the wires heat up and fry
i have tried everything i can think off even using a diode to stop the current flowing wrong way in to the bat but that also super heats

**broken link removed** a simple diagram if it helps

so please help me
many thanks danny
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What I observed above :

1 ) Seems like you´re doing a short-circuit when switches A-B to ON state.
2 ) How can motor be supplyed, if POS and NEG terminals are connected toghether ?

Follows what I can sugest :

**broken link removed**

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i do see what u mean but the channels are part of a rf controllers your diagram the motor would only recive power when both relays on both channels where on

each pole on the motor has a pos and neg lead connected to it so channel one makes the motor spin clockwise channel 2 anti clockwise so that is the reason for the poles been lik that ..if i run 2 power supplies it works fine

I edited previous image to fix a 'bug'.
Check now again please.


with that set up the motor would spin all the time clockwise as both ar connected to always open always closed so there isnt a off part and with each only havin just possitive to common and negative to the other common i dont even think they would power up .. but i will wire it up and see as i aint tried that
configuration yet

It is possible to use another relay chanel ?


yes it is but dont see how that would help as that would mean more wires to the power supply and motor

Connect the B- to the C terminals on the relays, not to the motor.

yes it is but dont see how that would help as that would mean more wires to the power supply and motor

The both previous 2 relays could be used to control motor direction, according sugested topology.
The 3rd relay, can be used to control ON/OFF status.


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