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please help me in this circuits.

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Its just marks for connectors pins, pay attention on LPT port pins and SPI port pins.

When you connect programmer to board for programming, watch that you connect appropriate pins as SCK to SCK, MOSI to MOSI, MISO to MISO, +5V to +5V, Gnd to Gnd, RST to RST.

Connect appropriate bus connections between each others, as CK to LPT port pin 6, DO to 7, ....

The Circuit is not a USB Programmer, it just uses the USB to power the circuit. It is still using the PC parallel port for programming. The pins 1numbers 1 to 6 are related to the DB-25 connector of the parallel port.

Make USBasp he can program Atmel uC ATMega serie, just as 89S serie uC.

89S51, 89S52 can be programmed over LPT without any IC:

Asim's ISP loader.GIF

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