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Please help me , GTP-USB lite not working

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Aug 30, 2007
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gtp usb lite

Dear everybody,
I'm losing my hope with this programmer: GTP-USB lite.
I have download many firmware versions (of PIC18F2550), and nothing happen when I plug my board into USB port on my computer.
I use winpic800 3.55b, (I have 3.55b, c, d, g). But the computer didn't recorgnize anything.
Could anybody help me? If your board work , please post here or send me the link to the working firmware for 18F2550.
I use windows XP Sp2. All USB devices work ok, but not that board. I don't know whether is could be PC problem or firmware problem.
Thanks in advance for any help.

gtp lite usb vista x64

I build the same programer and found some dificulties to finish it. First the attach is the schematics and the .hex file...
Ive build it at least 10 times and didnt work, in all depuration process found these errors, check and try.

1) Usb cable must be armored (Faraday's Cage or A wire like coberture between the plastic and the wires).
2) Condenser between Vdd and GND MUST be adjusted, for me work a 10nF (103) and for a friend a 1nF condenser (102).
3) The winpic software must be adjusted, make shure to uncheck the box of VPP2 in the hardware configuration... the VPP in schematis is vpp1 and the vpp2 are in other pins of the 18f2550
4) Still dont work on AMD Turion 64 or Athlon 64, dont know how to help u in this..


winpic 3.55b

Thank you, I will try again.

gtp-usb-lite programmer supported devices

I have done this programmer a few months ago and it worked fine.
Go to
I used 3.55.g.

gtp usblite programmer board

Find a reliable source of the programmer you want to build. JDM and Microchip PICkit2 are some good bets.

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