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PICALL/P16PRO programmer

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Mar 19, 2002
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Does any one has tested PICALL/P16PRO programming software version .13d from for 18F series PIC's


picall programmer

ahhh! so frusturating. i have had this exact error for 2 days now.

i am trying to program 16F84. i used microstudio (with pic basic pro v2.42) to compile the pbp sample program "Blink.bas". it compiles fine and produces a Hex file. i am using Picall windows version 0.13c (latest version as of oct 9th 02).
the programmer i am using is the P16PRO40, it has the part #74Ls05. according to some documents and the p16pro settings menu, i should select "kit 96" as the default hardware setup options within picall.

so i do this. within microstudio i select "compile and program".... i watch the lights on the programmer but the red program LED does not come on. then the picall program window pops up with 3FFF in all the data addresses... hmm... what happened? dunno. did anythikng program? i doubt it.

so i hit the "verify" button and i get:

Verify Error:
Program: address=0007 buffer=3FFF device=3F00

so then i say "forget microstudio, i'll just manually download the hex file from within picall". so, i click on program open "blink.hex". now the memorry address is filled with things other than 3FFF for the first few addresses.. ok, so it looks like i must have successfully opened blink.hex.
now i press ERASE. i watch the program LED on the programmer and it flashes RED. ok, so i guess it erased something. now i press BLANK CHECK. says "device is not blank"... but how could this be??

so i move on, and manually hit the PROGRAM button. the red LED on the programmer lights up... so it must be programming. then i get a window "device is not blank". i guess it wouldn't be blank since i just programmed something to it!

so to verify my successful program i select "VERIFY". now i get error

Verify Error:
Program: address=0000 buffer=2828 device=3FFF

anyone know what's going on here???


picall software

oh yeah, so i check my program by clicking on "READ" and then the memory locations as indicated within picall changes to a bunch of 3FFF and 3F00's. every time i hit the READ button the randomly placed 3FFF and 3F00 changes.. the only bytes shown in the memory addresses is either 3FFF or 3F00. and it may change (randomly) every time i hit the READ button , but still always either a 3FFF or 3F00



Change Pro Delay from 1100 to 2000 or bigger.
It is all ok!

picall software download

sorry, i mean i am using picall version 0.013d (it says "c" on the web site but when you press the Help button in the software it says "d").

i have tried raising the delay to 2000. Also, you *must* remove the "Auto Adjust" check-mark.

now it works perfectly. THANK YOU!!!

i have spent 2-3 days getting this system working.

thanks everyone that has helped (i got a few private messages too) :D


p16pro programming led

Thanks a lot. My problem is solved too by increasing delay and removing auto adjust delay option.

picall firmware

has anyone successfully used a P16PRO to program a PIC 16F877A ???

if so please post how you did this.

i can not get it to work.. it programs perfectly when compiled for a 16F84. then i re-compile for 16F877A and change the picall software (regged version) to 16F877A and it don't work.


picall download

did you change the inc file it uses to pic877a

as i say there may be no inc file for this in your compiler

check that it produces a pic 877a compatable hex file

the a version inc files come with the latest mplab

the system to use is this

cross compile as normal with microcode studio

then compile the asm to hex with mplab

then program using 877 option

paying attention to the header to make sure you program the correct fuses for this varient.... 877a

as the fuses are all that matters

so.. again you need to add this too the ini

you can descover these by looking at the data sheet

but as other members point out it may just be the way you compile and program

the pic all you need the latest version

check for support before just porting the hex straight to the chip

or use mplab latest version to compile to hex first it will have the correct inc files

what should i check in picall programmer

just use pic16f877 and problem solved!!!

p16pro download

my setup is
editor: Microcode Studio
compiler: Pic Basic Pro 2.42
programmer: PICall 0.013d

pic basic pro has support for the 877A. so when i select 877A within microstudio i assume that it compiles the software correctly with proper fuses.

in fact, i opened my compiled file (blink.asm) and it reads:

; PicBasic Pro Compiler 2.42, (c) 1998, 2002 microEngineering Labs, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


so i must believe that it is not a compiler error.



i am having this problem : program verify error when programming

16f84a chip

can anyone help me?

try turning off the auto adjust also no use

p16pro what to use in place of 74ls05

Did you have the hex program for 16C62 to pic all programmer

18f blink.asm

Hi all, I just bought a Picall programmer that has the latest firmware. I am using the Latest V0.16 Picall software. I bought the programmer so that I could program PIC16c621A-04/p and PIC12c509A-04/p devices and have been succesfull with the PIC16c621A-04/p. When I try to program a PIC12c509A, a warning comes up saying "There is no device in the ZIF socket". After I get that warning I can then emmidiately choose PIC16c621A-04/p and program it with no problem.

I soldered a 40 pin ZIF socket on the board and am inserting the chip according to the diagram.

I am running Windows XP

Any ideas will trully be appreciated........Big time!


p16pro programer

Hello justmarc,

Could you share me pic16c62 firmware ?

Am in Vietnam and i couldn't find how to buy it

My mail is:

Thanks you !

Best regard,


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