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PIC16F877A & PIC18F452 Development Board.

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Dec 30, 2004
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pic18f452 board

I want to make PIC16F877A or PIC18F452 based development board. Can you guys suggest me any serial or parallel software for loading code into flash I want to do this without bootloader. Please suggest some softwares.

pic16f877 development board

In my opinion the only other way to program the chips is to use a programmer.
There are a lot of softwares available on the board but i have been using "Winpic800" for the past 4 months without any problem. It is the best software that i have come across. I have tested it both with 18F452,16F877 and a lot of other pic chips.
You can use it with many different hardwares, but i prefer to use it with "pic16pro"

I hope this might help u.
Best of luck.

pic16f877a development board

Thanks for giving info. Is there any other software apart from Winpic800? Please give me info.

serial icds


May be this usefull

**broken link removed**


an851 programmer

Nice link picstudent. By the way which programmer you are using? And hows PICStartPlus programmer is it worth to purchase one?

programmer board for pic18f452


In my opinion...

Purchasing a Programmer from Microchip is not a cost effective decision for your study or development. For that you can construct any one available in the net.

this is the one I am using.

But when you are serious in this work either construct or purchase a ICD2 from Microchip. It is worth for PIC development.(At least for small scale investors!!)

Normal ICD 2 Circuits which you see are either serial OR USB to serial ICDs,which will not be having the speed of original ICD2 from Microchip.

(I think Full speed ICD circuit ,using some other chip is also in Board,But may be time consuming to build.)

If time is critical (And I am sure it is!) Purchase a ICD2 and start working.

I am having a Microchip ICD2 and I have not yet regretted purchasing that.

See you later..


tiny bootloader pic18f452

Ok then I will go for any commercial programmer and ICD2 from Microchip. What are the advantages of ICD2 as I never used ICD so I dont have any idea about it. Can you please explian as in what way ICD is use full for development work. Give some example also.

pic18f452 ds1621


If you are going for ICD2 ,you need not have to purchase another programmer because ICD2 can do the function of a programmer also. It can programme the target IC in the board after development .Probabily you require another programmer for production purpose only.

When you develop a project (using only a programmer)what you do is write the code,programe the chip and watch the result hoping for the best! (You can debugg using Simlator but not possible when an external signal is to be read)

But if you have the ICD you can debuggg your code by watching the variables .

Suppose if you do a temparature display..

The application when running shows eratic reading ,you may not be sure weather your calculation part or ADC input is wrong.

If you have the ICD you can stop the ICD means your code where thw ADC value is being read and verify weather that value is as expected.If that value is correct then you can start hunting on your calculation part of software.
hope I am reasonabily clear.


btw. If you find my posts usefull please press the "helped me " button.

After all, appreciation is the most wanted thing in Human life.:D:D:D
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development board for microchip pic18f*

I understand little bit of ICD can you please give me any other example of ICD use in development.
And suppode I am making temp. indicator using DS1621 which is a I2C device and I am using LCD module 16X2 in this case how the ICD will help give some detailes.
This Microchip`s ICD is compatible with CCS C and PICC cross cmpiler?

icd2 pic16f877a pic18f4550


CCS has a special ICD if you are interested.

but Microchip ICD2 works with MPLAB . So it can be used with Hi Tech or CCS if you want. Because both Hi tech and CCS have 'Plugg-ins' for MPLAB with which you can use these compilers directly from MPLAB.

So any of these compilers can be used with ICD2.

How ICD will help you will define only when you write the programme.

What I can say now is it will help you to watch the variables ,registers ,peripherals and see where and how the programe is heading.


how to build a development board for pic16f877

Thanks picstudent for your help. The ICD is really great for development work. Thanks for info.

pic18f series compatible with pic16f877a

Thanks for giving info. Is there any other software apart from Winpic800? Please give me info.

project pic18f452 on board

you can use a bootloader, like tiny bootloader


i had a few development boards based on 18F452, 458 and 4550, all with this bootloader, it's small, safe and easy to use, you only have to recompile the sources for your pic, but it's easy deal

flash pic development board for pic16f877

you can also use the microchip bootloader (AN851), and program it from MPLAB IDE (AN851 programmer)

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