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[SOLVED] pic programmer for pic 18f4550

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Apr 1, 2011
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am wondering if i can put my .hex file in my PIC 18F4550 with PICPgm Programmer and my electronic card only without the kit programmer of microchip if any body have an idea please tell me i really wanna know:-?



No, you need to add some form of programmer hardware as shown on the PICPgm site. ( don't know what you mean by 'electronic card' ?)

Some of those programmers are very cheap and simple and may program your chip ok, they have all been covered many times in this forum, just do a simple search, - the Tait classic is a fairly stable unit.

If you intend to do lots more with Pics then a Microchip Pickit2 or 3 is worth every cent - plus along with Mplab it allows you do run the hardware debugger function and logic analyzer tool etc etc.

so,you mean that i can't load my .hex file without a programmer hardware like this one on the picture



Correct, you must use some form of hardware programer, either a Stand Alone unit like that, or one that connects directly into your circuit ( ICSP).
If you are going to buy a ready made unit I would strongly recommend paying that bit more for the real McCoy, the Microchip Pickit2 - it works!

What you can do, is use the hardware programmer to burn in a 'Bootloader' program to the 4550 chip.
Once thats in you can then use the bootloader program download your 'user' program from the PC into the 4550 via a standard comms serial/usb link; no hardware programmer needed.

Just search the web / this forum for 'Pic bootladers' to find all the info you need.

check this is way i think that perhaps it's possible to load .hex file without a programmer hardware.

**broken link removed**

In order to put the bootloader on 18Fx550 first time you need a hardware programmer.
For putting subsequent hex files, in the mcu, which has been coded in a way that it doesnt overwrite bootloader space, you can use PDFSUSB type software.

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