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PIC/AVR programmer which doesn't need paid codes/hex files

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Jun 3, 2002
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I have picall programer but i need code for pic 16c62 or hex file use for this.
Diego :oops:


I am looking for the firmware too, but I haven't found it anywhere. I could only find a preprogrammed PIC16C62 here: **broken link removed**

sercon 2 for pic and avr download

It is not free. Nobody have this code, exept developer. Try other universal programmers.- ProPic2,P16Pro, Epic or Picstarter

picall, pdf

Is there any programmer for both PIC and AVR where schematic/PCB-layout and firmware is avalible without paying for it?
What about Warp-13a? Does anyone have a schematic for this PIC/AVR programmer?
**broken link removed**

sercon2 pcb

Why not by PIC and PCB. It costs only about 50Euro in Slovenia where author lives.

PIC & PCB for wich programmmer Borber?
I live in the EU and the only PICALL reseller within EU I could find is this one in UK: **broken link removed**
PICALL kit price: 49.95 £
Shipping within EU: 5 £
I gives a total price of 80 €

PIC programmer

You can construct the PICSTART. You can buy the DG411J in Arrow for U$S1.27. and the other parts have low cost. You don't need complicate your life with this programmer. Try PicProg, JDM and other free and low cost programmers. Work fine and you can build this in a protoboard. Regards.

Building Picstart+ is feasible. I have PCB file for Pr*t*l 99


PicProg : **broken link removed**
JDM: **broken link removed**

For Picstart the only complicate component is DG411. PicProg support 16F7X, 16F87X and more. JDM can be modificated for programm 28 and 40 pins parts....Now I am trying to do this...Regards.

Where are the schematic for this Picstart you are talking about? I don't know what DG411 is.

I'm also looking for the firmware for the 16c62.

I don't think it's avilable anywere.


Hi Me

DG 411 is a quad SPST switch, and is made by analog and Maxim (DG411). I think you can use either version. The schematics is found at the russian page 5v... but if you need further help in this matter PM me.


PICSTART schematics and pcb

Here the schematics and pcb of PICSTART in pdf format. Regards.

Re: PICSTART schematics and pcb

joebazoka said:
Here the schematics and pcb of PICSTART in pdf format. Regards.

Only the schematics were included in the file.
Is there maybe a second .PDF containing a PCB
layout? Thanks.

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