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Peltier cooling and pouring Circuit design and opinion

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Jun 8, 2015
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Good day

I am busy with a circuit that I would like to build for a wine cooler/pourer. I have built the enclosure for the bottles and hardware. I just need to do the electronics part (Not my strongest ability). Below you will find a schematic. Please give me your opinions after looking at the specific parts in the diagram.

Only one of the motors (From M1 and M2) can be used at a time. Here is the parts list:

M1 and M2: **broken link removed**
S1 and S2: switches (Possibly arcade machine style buttons if they can handle the load)
L1: **broken link removed**
M3 and M4: Basic PC 12V fans (4.5-13.8VDC, 165mA, 2W, 3KRPM, 51CFM)
TEC1: Peltier cooler 6A
THER1: Thermometer LCD
(This is all the information on the thermometer I have)
R1: Potentiometer (Need advice on this one)

Power supply will be an AC to DC PSU like this. (Not sure yet on the amperage yet)

My main electronics supplier is Mantech as I am from South Africa.

What improvements/suggestions can you advise? I don't want to make it too complicated though. Haven't ordered any of the parts other than those for the enclosure. Another problem I might have is if the 1 peltier doesn't work and I have to replace it with a bigger one or 2 of the same.

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You need not only the peltier cell itself, but also all the mechanical apparatus that enclose this component, such as the heatsink, a fan and an insulator. Why don´t you purchase a complete coller system ?

Another point: Are you sure that this termometer has the thermostat feature ?

The Power Supply you listed is only 4.2 Amps.
Your Module is 6 Amps.

You Also NEED a GOOD Heat-sink on the Hot side of the TE Module, with the Fan Cooling the Heat-Sink.
A Cold-Sink is probably also Needed and possibly with a Fan also.

Now Comes the Temperature Control.
How do you plan to do This?

This is Not as easy to do as what your showing.

I have all of the parts I need for the peltier, Heatsinks etc. the cool fan and hot-side fan are represented by M3 and M4. The design of everything physical is already done. What I need is the electrical side. I am contemplating an 8A Power Supply. 1.5A for M, 0.2A for LED, 6A for TEC1 and 10mA for THER1?

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