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PCB on vehicle - how to mount securely?

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Apr 22, 2015
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I need to mount a PCB on a remote control vehicle. The board is a little bit big (13inchx7inch), so I want to provide enough support to prevent it from bending. What came to my mind is using some kind of aluminum frames that can be fastened to the PCB with bolts. What are the good/cheap ways to do that? Thanks.

Will you place it like a canopy over the vehicle?

There is more than one way to look at this.
(a) Fasten it securely to a rigid frame. However any impact to the frame will be transferred to your pcb. Any bending of the frame will bend your pcb.
(b) Flexible attachment to a rigid frame. This is more forgiving to your pcb.

Suppose you cut a rectangle of 1/4 inch plywood, just larger than the dimension of your pcb. Mount the plywood on four rigid posts, on the corners of your vehicle. Place your pcb on sponge foam pads spaced across the plywood. Use a flexible fastener such as tape.

Such a setup is forgiving to your pcb, in case an impact bends the plywood or breaks its supports.

Of course you can make everything rigid if you wish. However then it is not easy to make modifications to your setup.

Extruded U tube rails give best stiffness to mass ratio with coated steel and screwed thru board.

But for distributed rigidity to prevent vibration on brittle ceramics and lead-free solders are known to be more brittle than lead-tin solders,

try soldered rails

They can also be used as Power and ground rails.

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