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PCB Laser Adapter for Ender 3 v2 STRESSS


Jun 10, 2021
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Im trying to build a pcb board for my 3d printer that will connect a laser module to my ender 3 v2.

Here are the links to the article and the linked github with the pcb design.

My FAN runs at 24V R1 must be 2.2KOhm.

Ive spent hours and hours trying to get this built by anyway I can find and I have yet to get it done. First I had kicad problems and had to learn how to export the correct files for manufactures. Which I think Ive actually accomplished. But here my newest problem.

Whenever Im going through the manufacturers website to assemble the board It gets to the component buying part. And I seriously cannot figure out how to find the right components for my board. It seems the person who designed the board didnt put enough info for me to figure it out.

Thats why im asking for help. Can someone take a few minutes of their time and help me get this dam thing built. Im willing to pay. Im just beyond stressed out over something that I know shouldnt be that difficult. Im willing to solder all the components on and everything if I could just figure out exactly which ones I need to buy. One again im willing to pay.

thanks for any help

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