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pcb factory from China

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Mar 3, 2008
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Dear everyone. I change my name to Cheney Liu. please kindly contact me if you have any PCB request.

I am from a PCB factory in China. What i want is hope we could produce PCB to all of you, as mostly our customer is the pcb trader from EU or USA, but not the end-user. I think it is best chance for us to face the end-user for pcb manufacturer.

Firstly, i hope to introduce something about our company.
I am in D.M. Electronic International Limited. establish in 2004, production area is 8000square meters, we have more than 500 workers , .
Our advanced technology can produce a maximum layer count from 2-18 layer, minimum line width/space could be 0.1mm(4mil) and minimum hole size could be 0.2mm(8mil), , We can do HAL,L-F HAL,OSP,Immersion gold,Immersion Tin,Immersion silver and gold finger board, aspect rate could be 8:1. Meanwhile, we owned the certifications 0f ISO9001:2000; ISO14001; UL; CQC etc.
Our main business is for the prototype quick turn and small-middle quantity PCB market. We have no min order quantity request. Best quality, excellent service and competitive price will make us to be your best PCB partner in China.

I hope you know most of our customer is from europea and usa. So we have the ability to produce the board to you.
If you have inquiry, send to my email: cheneyliuliu(at)126.com or add my skype or msn to discuss on line. My skype: cheneyliuliu msn: cheney.liu(at)hotmail.com

Hope all of you have a nice day and hope we could do more business.

Cheney liu from China

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