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pcb drill machine constuction

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Apr 27, 2002
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pcb drilling machine

Thanx to " nukhung" for posting the Pcb drill machine articales.

I too would build this machine but only if I could aquire/build most of the exspensive items myself. (The shipping etc to Canada would kill me)

If anyone has, or knows where to find the following pleases let me know:
-All the newer revised german web site info translated to english.
-The full software (not the test software) called TANBO DRIVE1.1- (not available for download). The Machine is useless with out this software.

I would then have to purchase the impossible to build items. IE the 200:1 stepper gear boxes and the special gear drive assy, plus the vertical drill post assemblys. Then I would build all else out of aluminum (Rivets NO GLUE). I would also make my own system PCboard and program the PIC IC and PLD

IF anyone else has built or is planning to builds this machine please let me know, especially if you reside in Canada.
If I too can help, l will try anyway I can.

Take care

homemade pcb drilling machine


I cannot find the links I intended to send but here are a page mostly with rebuilt plotters and steppermotor applications. On the page there are also links to the elektor project and some drilling machines. I also include a link to a Radix who manuf. the drill.

I do not know what is posted earlier but I hope I do not repeat others posts.

Try to do a post in the forum (luberth) and see if anyone can help

Good luck

pcb drilling machine design

I also think to do this project and I think that are a few ways to avoid the special stuff.
I think that's possible to use simple screw-gears mechanism easy found on all auto DC motors instead the gears described in the papers. You can also use DC motors instead of stepmotors if you will use an incremental encoder for positioning. This way all the mechanical positioning errors will be avoid. An incremental encoder with 10000 steps per rotation it's ok (but also very expensive I suppose :( ).
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download pcb for home made cnc drill

I have collected these pages from the net dealing with the pcb drill machine subject. here they are :
(most of them in french...)

free links:
**broken link removed**
**broken link removed**

commercial links:
**broken link removed**
**broken link removed**

hope this helps !

pcb drill cnc

I tried to contact for more information, but no reply yet. Been a week :(

Dang - looks like a really cool project.

homemade pcb drill

I have also been trying to contact them unsucessfully.
They don't seem to be very interested in making a
sale. :(

Nick C.

elektor drilling machine

I cant get squat from them Either .Seems they only want to cater to there own kind. So dont start to build this thing as it looks more and more like crap.

pcb drilling machine project

someone have already made this drill ?

triac schematic drill tool

Look this link. Optimal for home drill. Suport 3d. Software control Parallel port. I have 1/2 made.

For me it is the best link

**broken link removed**

Regards cb30

build pcb drill

The attached file documents a fairly good PCB drill table built at a college for less than $250. The parts are all common, and many can be obtained from industrial surplus via the internet.

drill machine project

I guess that the guys at the Radix Pcbdrill machine site must be putting together a new and improved design or else the site is changing ownership. In anycase some one must have bought and built this machine.
If we could just get that someone to read these postings, I bet they would help us out.

Thanx for the other CNC/drill machine links.
The Minirobo looks good but the CNC software is poor plus you have to buy a special controller card to use it. However this guys site is worth looking at.

The Pcb Drill table pdf article is also worth looking at. But I won't be able to build this project as there are no construction details for the actual drill machine and no control software. Having the Pic micro hex file would also be helpful as typing in all that C. code would be a real pain.

Thanx again guys
Hopefully some has the software for the Radix Pcbdrill and will be able to provide us all with the construction details

automatic pcb drilling machine project

Hi, i found for some time ago this very nice site for a cnc drill machine, it's has all the thinks you need for bulding this machine.

I have build the controllerboard, and it works great.

**broken link removed**

Best regards

drilling pcb software

Thanx for the Very good site. Everything is made available which makes it easy to build this machine.

Can you tell me if the ateml bascom basic code can be easily converted to Picbasic Pro code? I would rather not have to build another micro programmer.

Also have you used your machine to dril pcb's and if so could you tell me about the pro and cons/limitations of your machibe,cnc software and the electronics used for this project.


table top pcb drill

Hi runner100, I don't now much about the atmel code i have a friend how is during the programming for me, but i've aske him abutet and he wil return with some info.

The drill machine i've made is a copy of the Minirobo, and i do pcb drill and milling pcb boards without eny problems.

**broken link removed**

Best regards

automated with microcontroller drilling machine

What size tracks and clearances are you able to obtain with that machine ?

cnc pcb drilling machine project

I have started to build the Tanbo PCB drill machine.
If someone has the details on the gear boxes used with the Radix Tanbo Pcb drill machine could you please let me know too.
Also if you know where I can find the Tanbo Drive software I would really appreciate it.

PS a great big thanx to RUNNER100 for all your postings ! ! !

pcb drill software

Has anyone else come across some good plans for building a quality CNC type PCB drill machine.
Or has anyone made any progress building the Tanbo PCB drilling machine?

PIC microcontroller designs are welcome.


how to build engraver picbasic

i am also trying to build a pcb drill / engraver / plotter, but using a 89c51 and some steppers. will someone will help me that how to connect a 89c51 to a pc with rs232 link so that it can recive a hpgl file.

pcb drill philippines

I like to ask if what software program will I use for this kind of machine...Would it be better if I design my own one or should I just pick it up somewhere...I'm actually doing a project study about automated PCB drill. I'm a graduating Mechatronics Engineering student here in the Philippines.

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