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PCB CAD softwares on Microsoft Vista

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It should work fine...i beleive...


Menthor Graphics PADS 2007 does not work with Vista.
I use it myself. And I believe they don't make a big effort on it to make it work right now.


Microsoft vista is he latest release of the microsoft product and whats the issues you people face while installing the same...

If i have Microsoft vista installed in my sytem are there no possiblity installing Pads 2007?



I think I remember reading once that Mentor tends to follow EDAC on roadmaps (**broken link removed**) and right now Vista is not on the EDAC roadmap. However, with that said you can bet your bottom dollar that both Cadence and Mentor are working on a version of their software that will work with Vista.

Question, how many people are looking to move to Vista in the next few months?

is there a BIG difference between XP and Vista that programs installed successfully in XP might not work with Vista?

i saw that most,if not all, computers available today are loaded with Vista.

so i was wondering if there would be a case of compatibility of these famous PCB CAD softwares on the operating system.

the EDAC roadmap does not seem to include Vista on the supported OS.

any comments/advice?

Even though most consumer based computers come with Vista installed, I think you will find that most corporations are ordering machines with XP Pro. For example if you go to Dell or HP and look at the Business Class workstations, desktops, and laptops you will see that they still come with XP (Even though you can get Vista as an option). This resistance by corporations is why you are seeing the major CAD suppliers not in any big rush to add Vista support. The same thing happened when XP was released. Here is a couple of good articles about why corporations are waiting.

**broken link removed**

**broken link removed**

With all of this being said, you can always trying installing your tool on Vista and see what happens. If you do this, I wouldn't expect much supports from the Vendors if they are not officially supporting it.


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