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PCB Board for testing op amp

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han sang jun

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Jul 30, 2021
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I'm going to make a pcb board to test the op amp. Please recommend good references or papers.


most OPAMP datasheets include informations about the test circuits.

But your question is much too unspecific.

If you want us to recommend any circuit, you first need to give your requirements, like:
What parameter do you want to test, with which test conditions, which accuracy.

Just to give you an idea about complexity:
If you want to test all parameters given for a modern OPAMP, with all the conditions and the necessary precision... consider a year of development time, and part cost in the range of >10,000 USD.

But if you want to test just a single item, you may be finished within a couple of hours and a couple of dollars.


I designed a two-stage op amp last year. A chip is expected to come out in the middle of this year, but a pcb should be produced to determine whether the above op amp works well.
I try to find a good reference book or book because I don't have basic knowledge about how to design an general pcb board.

Please understand because my English is not good


The language is the smallest problem.. ;-)

Please understand:
You have to exactly describe what "determine whether the above op amp works well" means.

I don´t think there is a complete document/book that describes all possible solutions for all possible parameters for all possible OPAMPs. If there is, then it will have many 1,000 pages.

I still recommend to first go through some (comparable) OPAMP datasheets, just to get a clue what and how the big companies test their OPAMPs.
Also I guess that semiconductor manufacturers provide some additional documents on how to test OPAMPs. But again, these will focus on some details parameters, not a complete OPAMP test.


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