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pc based SDR as final year project.. please help

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Jun 7, 2011
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hi all,
hope doing well..
i am working on sdr designing as my final year project but as i am new to it so i dont know from where to start. i have read all posts regarding sdr and all documents suggested here to different people but still need help. All those who have worked on it please help me out,even those who have some knowledge about pc based sdr,please help


can any one tell me that either is it possible to use a DAC and ADC instead of sound card with pc for in sdr?

If you mean SDR as Software Defined Radio, you can check this reference:
"Software Defined Radio, A Modern Approach to Radio Engineering; Jeffrey H.Reed"
Regarding the usage of DAC & ADC, I think that the simplest way is to use your PC sound card along with Matlab.
@ moataz
thanx..... but in my project i have to use ADC and DAC because sound card gives a low data rate while i need in MHz. can you please guide me for some ADC and DAC with high data rate, low cost and compatible with matlab?

Dear shumail,

First, you need to specify some parameters of the required ADC/DAC such as:
Your target signal bandwidth (base-band or pass-band)
no. of bits per sample
required data interface: I2C, SPI, ... (for the now, you'll not be able to use a UART because of your high sampling rate)
your board supply, dual or single

Best regards.
In SDR, how to detect whether the received signal is amplitude, phase or frequency modulated. I mean how to detect whether the received signal is using BPSK,QPSK or any other modulation technique.
there is a special algorithm for that and in my project i am working on it too. right now only transmitter part is done.

Can u tell me the algorithm you have used....

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kindly share the code with me... Thanx.
hi shruti,
i am still working on it, i have mad a simulink model which is working but even now i am unable to get a reduced bit error rate or zero BER. it comes out to be 0.5 and this is too much.

I am told to use matlab functions. Could you help me out with it....

Thanx a lot for replying.
hi shruti,
1st of all tell me what is your project? either you have to make an SDR kit or you will use this kit for some other process?
If its making an SDR kit then,
1. Are you working only on software part or you have to fabricate the hardware part as well?
2. In software part, what are your specification? which frequency band? how much bandwidth? the sampling rate? etc.
3. I am working in simulink right now and i ll suggest you to take start from here for understanding and then go for matlab code.

Good luck,

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