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Path Startpoint is clock pin? Why/

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Jun 22, 2011
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I am newbie to digital design.
I am working on a ASIC design and I am analyzing some top critical paths and I am used to seeing IO pin to Reg paths or Reg to Reg or Reg to IO paths.
This design has a path that says Startpoint is Clock pin and goes to a D pin of a register.
If I look at the path details, I find Hold buffers inserted.
Why would a path have clock pin as startpoint? Any reason for such path to be in topmost critical paths? Is it false? seems the capture flop is clocked by same clock. I am confused. Sorry...


you need to understand why the data path is driven by the clock.

COZ the cell delay of flop also needs to be accounted for as the data has to pass from D pin..and this transition is linked with the CLK to D arc.

I am not sure I understand. Why does clock coming into the block, come as data (because it goes to D pin and CLK pin of same flop)? Any examples of when it would be needed?

There are two possibilities. Either the logic was made in a way that a clock is captured by a flop, or you interpret the timing report wrong.

Post the timing report.

Please go through how timing path is reported.

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