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Part added to cadstar library but not available to use.

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Jun 13, 2011
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I am using cadstar lite.

I am adding parts to the library in the library editor, and the parts are being ssucessfully added to the library, but when i go o the schematic editor, the part that ive just added is not available for me to use.

It only becomes available for me to use after i have closed cadstar down completely and then re-opened it again.

Do you know what the problem is it takes ages to keep closing and opening cadstar.

After clicking Browse to look for your part is there an option to force a library reload?


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Also check parts index is set to automaticly rebuild:
There is also a library refresh icon top right hand of library slide out at left hand of screen.


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Thankyou both.

I have checked for the auto-rebuild.

Rob B i thought force library reload was to relaod parts that are "already" in the schem.

....i cant find my parts to put them in the scm in the first place

The questions I would ask you re based around how are you adding your parts in the first place?

When you make new parts in your library, if the Tools\Options\Library Paths settings are not set to auto rebuild your part index, then you need to
visit your part manager (Libraries\parts) and manually rebuild the part index.

Rebuilding the part index after creating parts is crucial.

Then once that is done, if you are using the library searcher then close & reopen it - this will reload the new library rather than what is cached.

Ditto if you are using the slide out library window at the side of the screen - at the top right of this there is a "Refresh Libraries" icon which will re-read
your libraries and allow the new parts to be displayed.

I think you may be confusing the individual reload facility on parts/symbols in your design with reloading your library in the library access sections.
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