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Parking Lot with 8085

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Nov 18, 2014
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Car Parking with 8085

Hi everyone,

i want help with one project i have. I want to do a car parking with 8085 in Assembly. The program will run in simulator, not in real hardware. There is two sensors, one for car entering and one for car leaving the parking. The initial free spaces of the parking is 100. When a car enters the parking the number of free spaces decreases, when a car leaving the parking the number of free spaces increases. I want to display the number of free spaces at a 7-segment display and also keep in memory the total number of cars have entered the parking.

Has anyone did this before? I really want help with this, i will appreciate a lot if anyone has similar project or can can help me with this
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Re: Car Parking with 8085

in which part of your work , you are struck?
give more information on what have been done before by you?

Re: Car Parking with 8085

If you are just simulating in software like Proteus then you can use two buttons, one for car entering and one for car leaving the parking lot. Pressing the car entering button with increase a counter and pressing the button related to car leaving decreases the same counter. 100 minus counter value will give you the number of flee slots for the cars. You have to use timer interrupt to create a 2 ms delay for refreshing the 7 segment display. The 100 minus counter value is displayed on 3 digit 7 segment display.


I´m just guessing: where is the problem?

One sensor (input): on rising edge incrementing a value.
Other sensor (input): on rising edge decrementing a value.

* Incrementing a value: x = x +1
* decrementing a value: (as long it is not zero before): x = x - 1
* detecting rising edge: if (actual value = 1) and (previous value = 0) then do something; previous value = actual value

Mind to debounce the input signals, if necessary.


I dont know from where to start, cause i have no expirience with 8085 Assembly. Can any one give me sample code for this so a can build on it?

for that , your prototype plan is necessary for 8085.
is there any ports(8255) ?what are its addresses and where exactly your routine is to begin with and to which port display is connected?

based on this you can start.

I don't have problem on which port will be the display, as i said i have no expirience with 8085 Assembly. I am searching for sample code similar to this prioject so i can figure it out..

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