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Aug 1, 2012
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I've got a PAL video signal that I need to convert to display on a LVDS LCD screen. I've had a look for off the shelf solutions and not found anything likely apart for some rtd2662 based boards which I can try to reprogram to suit.

I just wanted to check if anyone had any other suggestions before I put a pcb together to convert to RGB and then rtd2662 to get a lvds output, as the rtd2662 looks a bit daunting for the time I have to give to this project.

Are there any FPGA dev boards that can decode an analogue video input that can get me up and running quickly.

thank you for any suggestions,
Hi, I'd certainly not considered that chip and it might make me rethink my panel choice. I do have an unusual requirement for a panel which has limited me to lvds so far, but I might have another look at the panel options now.

thank you for finding it.

PAL is an analog video interface. (PAL specifies the whole video format, including colors)
LVDS is just a digital interface ... not specifically video. LVDS is just a physical interface that specifies a single bit (HIGH or LOW).

So LVDS per se has nothing to do with video.

So if you have a display with LVDS input then you still need the specifications of:
* horizontal resolution (pixels)
* vertical resolution (pixels)
* color format (how many bits for RED, GREEN, BLUE)
* framing
* frame rate
* and so on

Afaik there are displays with
* parallel LVDS (with a lot of signal (pairs): HSync, VSync, 6x Red, 6x Green, 6x Blue as example)
* or serial LVDS ... including SERDES

If I'm not mistaken then HDMI is a video interface using 4 LVDS pairs to transmit colors and sync signals serially (using SERDES)

So depending on the display you use, maybe you just need a HDMI interface...

As always: read the documentation


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