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"P@rallel P0rt C0mplete" Part1 Uploaded

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Bus Master

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Dec 9, 2001
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Hi there,

"P@rallel p0rt c0mplete" book is currently being converted to an eBook form.

Uploaded Part1 (Up to Ch3).
Expect Part2 withen 24 hours as the scanning & OCR takes alot of time.

Best of luck,

Uploaded file: **broken link removed**
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Thanks for your hardwork ! I appreciate it alot !

Anyway, would you mind which software do you use to convert that book to PDF ?

As I have tried before, converting a book into PDF usually result in a huge file size. But I'm suprised at the size of it.


Best Regards

nice job

You missed these pages:
XI and 6


Hi, I'm also impressed by the work. Very comprehensive book. Thanks!

Next part is still awaited. Is it posted somewhere else?

hello ,
it is really a nice book and i am waiting eagerly for the next part .but where is the next part of the book? i am not able to find it?is it posted somewhere else or still not posted?
please let me know

Hi there,
I'm so sorry for being late uploading the next part, but i have something wrong with the scanner. Hope to fix it soon.

Thanks alot for everybody.

Best of luck,

I'm waiting for the next part!
Many thanks man!

Nice book ;>

page 6 can be found here :
**broken link removed**


It's only chapter 1 man!
I'm still waiting for upload part 2,Bus Master!

hey hugo,
I'm sure it's a hard work so WAIT!!!

I cannt dwnl it .

The file is missing.

P@r@llel Port Complete P@rt 1

I have been PM by iop3001 for the parallel port manual scanned and converted by our good friend Bus Master. I take no credit for his good work. I just uploaded the pdf into FM1 under the directory ppc. Go and get it.

BTW, Bus Master when part 2 is coming? No rushing, just asking!

parallel port complete...

thanx bus master 4 uploading the rest of the stuff

It is interesting to see such stuff. Yet, I got 404 php error. It seems that it has disappeared from the server. Could you upload again?

How can i get this great book???
Anybody can help me??

Thanks in advance!!!

Can you reupload this file please, thanks!

Hi all,
Here a companion code disk of a book "Programming the Parallel Port" by D. Gadre. Sorry I don't have this book. Some of you who are trying to program the parallel port may find these codes useful.

I think the huge file cause exceessvie bandwidth waste on elektroda so it got deleted.

Please put the pdf to

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