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OrCad PCB Editor 16.3 Libraries or Footprint Creator Tools

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Steve Dunn

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Dec 26, 2010
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I use OrCad PCB Editor 16.3
I create footprints all the time. I do not love it. I am very good at it.

Can anybody direct me to:
1) downloaded libraries specific to OrCad PCB Editor 16.3
2) Free 3rd party software tools to create footprints. LP Wizard cost money. LP Calculator not downloadable, only get it with purchase of IPC spec.

Also how can I use other libraries from any other pcb tool and convert it for OrCad PCB editor 16.3?? There are so many older OrCad libraries -- but how do I use them in version 16.3??


I would recomend going for the IPC-7351 footprints, they are becoming the de-facto industry standard.
The viewer is free and will give you all the information you want for nothing:
**broken link removed**
LP Viewer: Quickly search and locate the correct Land Pattern - Mentor Graphics

Or if you are a comercial concern buy the spec and get the calculator its only $120, or better still join the IPC and its only $56.
Though having the viewer is just as good. If you are doing so many footprints wouldn't the labour time saved using the wizard cover the cost of it!


thanks for your reply. It is not clear to me what the LP Wizard costs -- can you tell me? I am considering joing the IPC and getting the LP calculator with the 7351 spec. I downloaded the LP Wizard and using it for next few days. It does not seem to have a way to update its database unless I am missing something. Am I missing something?

Can you help me to understand how I can use footprint libraries with *.LLB extensions in the OrCAD PCB Editor 16.3 that wants *.dra, *.pad?? I do not know what a .max file is or how i get it to be a .brd file.


The *.llb libraries are the format for the viewer and calculator.
We use the calculator, and in the past the viewer to provide the details then manualy copy them in the relevent component creation part of the CAD package.

Hi Steve

Kindly use this website and follow the instructions. A huge library from different companies.

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Steve another thing there is three different network in this process choose any one and I think mostly components are available

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