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Orcad 9.1 Layout ECO failure?

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Dec 6, 2007
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orcad layout eco

This is the third board Ive had problems with on Orcad Layout where some time into the PCB layout the ECO system stops working.

If I create a new PCB using the netlist all the components are imported correctly, but my original design is stuck with a bug.

Each time I open the .max file AutoEco is activated, it sees the new components, but doesnt add them. Opening up the list file shows Error code 0039.165 (880)
Ive tried running ECO from the menu system (and choosing the files), and the list file has no EOF at the end so looks like its crashing out.

Ive tried lots and lots of variations, but there seems to be no way of getting ECOs working again...so Ive had to put the last few components in by hand.

Has anyone come across this? I did a search on the net and could find no mention of this problem.

This problem may have occurred after I added a component to the schematic, loaded up layout, which asked for a footprint...I hit cancel so that I could define the footprint...from then on the bug occurs with ECO not completing
Have of course tried removing the components from the schematic/BOM and re-entering with different designators...but no new components will now transfer


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