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Opinions on Ultiboard 2001 performance

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Sep 3, 2001
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Ultiboard 2001 program was made to work closely with Multisim 2001 to create PCB layouts. Has anyone used Ultiboard? I would like to know how well works. If someone has used the Ultiboard, I would like to know what you think about the program.

utiliboard 2001

If someone have a link to download Utilboard 2001 + SP1 please PM

ultiboard sucks

I am guessing nobody uses ultiboard, since I got no replies. :(

better than ultiboard

Where can update the libraries of ULTI

ultiboard 2001 update

I have used a couple of times
It sucks.
It crashes all the time and the router sucks

pcb design using ultiboard

I have used Ultiboard - Orcad is better.

The older version of Ultiboard was better than the new.

Try Autotrax - this is free has a simulator, 3d and will accept Orcad and Utliboard schematics.

ultiboard 5.71

don't waste your time with electronicworkbench product it's just not a professional suite. Try Orcad or Protel.

Netlist import is flaky (sooo stUUpid)

ultiboard 2001 pcb download

I want to download Ultiboard 2001 ull version. :cry:

using ultiboard

I'm using Ultiboard since years with Orcad Layout.
It's one of the best PCB design software.
Has a very powerfull realtime design rule check.
I'm searching the last version of Ultiboard.
(now part of Electronics Workbench)

ultiboard 2001 download

Using ultiboard is wasting a time

how to work with ultiboard 2001

I have used both UB and Multisim.

I have not had a lot of sucess at importing and exporting between the two.

It always takes lots of work.

The earlier version 5.71 I believe is better than the later 2001 version.

UB is a good simple package and provides good results.

Yeah but library managing was not that friendly


i'm using Ultiboard since the beginning of that program(1994??). It seems to be quit nice at the start... but then the company get ritch and the program stucks. Protel and some other programs are much more detailed and stable. But as You know it is hard do change to an other package when so much work is done before....Now I have decided to change to ..... maybe Protel or Orcad!



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