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Only 14 packets are getting sent on TCP

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Jun 19, 2015
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As i am using Sierra Wireless GSM GPS module HL-6528-G2.8V, in which my module is taking GPS frames and after filling it in my packet format ,it is sending this packet format on TCP towards server.
I am using TCP connect, Packet send, TCP disconnect in this fashion cycle continuous with interval of 1 minute.
Problem is only 14 packets are getting sent. From datasheet i have come to know that I have not defined Hardware data flow using AT&K3 command. When i send AT&K3 command then module hang up there or stops there.

Currently the flow is as follows:
1)Initializing GSM module
2)Initializing TCP
3)Initializing GPS module
4)Frames are taken from GPS,packets are formed(104 bytes length)
5)Packet get sent over TCP
6)GPS Stop
7)After desired time, GPS starts

Step 4 to step 7 is getting repeated while packet sending.
It is sending 14 packet only each time. Device hangs up after sending 14 packets. It stops responding to AT commands after 14 packets. And it is repeatative behaviour of the device.

I don't know why this is happening? Please any one can help me in this...

Thank you in advanced.


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when you transmit an AT command to the modem are you wait for the response, e.g. a simple OK or a more complex response to a command such as AT+CSQ or AT+WOPN
in particular certain commands make take several seconds, e.g. AT+CMGS to respond with >

Yes. I wait for each AT commands response. After receiving appropriate response i send next command to GSM module.

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