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oh dear....autotrax is charging moula now... for goods

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lol:) for a free app it aint cheep anymore

AutoTRAX EDA Version 2.01 PCB design suite can be download now
from www.autotraxEDA.com

It has changed a lot over the last 12 months.

The base version is still free and only has a limit of 100 terminals/pads. so is useless

The Lite version is $45 and has a limit of 600 terminals/pads. will prob have no simulation or other critical component

The Full version is normally $495 but until 14th. July, you can purchase it
for only $95. in other words send me 100 bucks so you can help me develop my retirement fund

Both the Lite and Full versions come with 12 months of free downloadable
updates {thats a bit meen i think only 12 months service ....}
and include all new versions until 30th July, 2004.

So why wait? Download now from www.autotraxEDA.com.

You received this email because you downloaded AutoTRAX EDA in the past
and I thought you would be interested in the latest version. If you do
not wish to receive any more emails please rely to this message with the
word unsubscribe in the subject line and please accept my apologies.

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