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Odyseus's RF & Micowave Theory site now active!

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Dec 31, 1999
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Hi to all,

For some time now I have been writing tutorials on just about all aspects of RF, RFIC & Microwave design and now to my friends on Elektroda community I've put all my tutorials on line at:-

I've used ADS1.5 for the worked examples (as this what I have experience using) please respect that I spent a lot of my free-time to write these tutorials, so please don't publish them but you are free to use them for personal study or as a basis for your own designs.

I hope that these (and more to follow) tutorials may help all RF engineers and hopefully I might get a RFIC job in the UK ??

Cheers and happy reading


Dear Odyseus,

Many thanks for your iniciative!

I tested it until Opera and IE, it looks nice, but It seems to me that the links (  RFIC Theory, RFIC Circuits , RF/Microwave Theory, RF/Microwave Circuits,Systems & Devices)  do not work.

thanks again,

That's Odd - just tested and all OK,

Selecting a topic should update the centre frame with the tutorial selected ? Does your browser read frames correctly ?

Iam testing it now again, but mentioned buttons still do not work for me.
I testested it on Opera703, IE5

If i download it by offline explorer, i see a lot of wmz,mso files, but with a internal browser i am not able to open next pages too.


i can see the site, but many pages cannot be displayed. eg. in microwave/RF theory, only the smithchart tutorial link is working.

Thanks all for the feedback..

Make sure your browser can view frames,

I'm using a DHTML menu which didn't appear when using Opera, I believe that the menu's are now working (they do under IE6 & Opera 7.03), So If you had problems try the site again.

I checked the the microwave theory menu - you should be able to display the following tutorials in the centre frame:-

Smith charts
amplifier design
Microstrip &

I tested it in Opera again, and I am able to open next menus, but there is proglem that they are open only when cursor is in very small area between the butons and not when cursor is on marked (red) button.

But next pages I am still not able to open

I do not have problem with frames on other sites, at least I hope...


Dear Odyseus!

Thank you for your nice pages :)
But I have also problem (W2k, IE5) I can't open balun and hybrid in MW theory..

Dear Odyseus,

Thank you for your work of writing. collecting and make available these topics online. I like engineers who can explain difficult things an easy way.
Do not mind about some arrogant remarks, these people will not understand your way of thinking.
Thanks again.

The SAR and Radar links doesn't work

Sorry for that I'm cleaning up the html code and converting gif to jpeg etc.

I'll uploaded tonight/tomorrow (SAR&RADAR) :D

Dear odyseus,

Thanks a lot for your great contribution.
I am interesting in Microwave Amplifier Design with microstrip.
And this is a very good way to explaing design step with ADS.
Have you plan to put Amplifier design with classes.
I am also interesting in Class F design with Harmonic tunning technique.
Best regards,EDIN
Long Live Elektroda

I haven't come across class D, but Yep I will do a review of class types , I'll probably do the class C in some detail together with grequency multipliers and maybe on class D which, seems to be used quite a bit in CMOS RFIC PA's?

SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) & RADAR Tutorials added to systems & devices menu.

Enjoy! :)

Linearity Tutorial added under Systems & Devices describing 1dB compression point, Intermodulation products, Dynamic range and the balanced amplifier as a way of increasing dynamic range 8)


Thanks for the new tutorial. It is fine.
Some remarks.
1. Using Netscape 7, the main menu bar is invisible, so no tutorials can be selected and viewed from the main window. With IE 5.5 it shows up normally.
(When about 6 weeks ago I viewed your pages it worked with Netscape 7).
2. In Image 13 (Buffer amp SOI and TOI) the equations seems to be not complete, or it is partly covered by another picture part of the image.

It would be nice of you correcting the above two points.
Thanks anyway

Thanks for the input

Menu now works under Netscape ! And all equations now showed correctly!


It works now under Netscape, and equations are ok too. Thank you.
(In my opinion using Netscape is more secure than IE).

HTML pages
This post just to say that
DHTML, Java, Javascript, *script, flash are very very nice and can improve the readability of a site, but they are unknown by seek engines.
If you want that your site will be spidered by seek-engines, always add link using plain-HTML, beside any other DHTML/Java/....

Another hint about web site design is that:
GIF is a image format where compression alghoritm is copyright by Unisys
JPG is good for photos, but not for images with few colors, due to the poor compression and the antialias alghoritm which reduce the contrast
PNG is the best, for flat images with few colors... high compressions without loss of image information

About your site, i think it is very useful! Thank you!

Regards. Paolo

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