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not loading edaboard

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Sep 27, 2010
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3hrs back there was a problem, edaboard forum was not loading. I don't know what was the issue? I tried lot of times but failed. Now its working fine. My location India.

I've experienced issues as well, I'll contact the home office and inquire as to the possible cause later today.


ok..thank you. Now its cool. :smile:

- - - Updated - - -

again showing loading issue :thumbsdown:

I have had a few 'Service not available' errors in recent days.

Also messages saying 'Are you sure you want to leave this page?', as I'm posting a message.

To avoid losing a message, it's a good idea to copy it to clipboard just before posting.

I've been experiencing intermittent issues, approximately 11:30 pm PST 05/10/2015 and again this morning around 6 am, thought that incident may have just been my wifi acting up.

I have had many times where I cannot get into EDAboard because my browser says, "Waiting for EDAboard" for a long time. Sometimes when I try again it works.
Many times I type a reply then when I press POST then nothing happens so save my reply and close EDAboard but when I try I cannot get back in (Waiting for ...) so I give up. Maybe I will not bother to post here or not bother to come here anymore. Yes it is THAT much of a serious problem.
Other forums work perfectly.

Yes, Audioguru. It is a misbehavior that I found common and growing in the last several months. And I experience the same huge delay 'waiting' ~40 seconds to fetch a site; not only EDA.
Perhaps there is also another greedy reason implemented by internet providers. Many times the wait ends in "Server not found"
Turning WiFi off and on mostly awakens activity. As hitting the refresh repeatedly fast. Like something is set to go to sleep mode.
If you find/resolve the 'mystery', please post.


[Am using Linux + Gnome + Firefox on hotspot Wifi provider, no landline]
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There is a severe loading issue :-( also I faced this,totally disappointed. Please try to fix this as soon as possible.

- - - Updated - - -

This is the end result of loading in my computer. :oops::oops:


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The situation seems to have improved greatly over the past day or so.

Let us know if these issues return.


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