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Newbie needs to turn this 220V LED Bulb into a 120V Bulb

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May 5, 2011
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I am a complete novice at electronics but like to fiddle. Any way to make this 220V bulb work on 120V or can I just use the LED Panel by itself with a 12V power somehow by cutting the wires to the board and adding a resistor. It has 145 LED bulbs. Pics attached thanks. circuitled.jpg5.jpg

Maybe if you draw some king of schematic with the components but in general it is not a good idea to modify circuits that work with the mains voltage unless you are sure of what you are doing and can make it work safely because these are hazardous voltages.

The rough picture is that there is a diode bridge with a capacitor that rectifies the AC voltage to a DC.
The leds are in series but I see three red cables so there are probably in three threads each one working with the rectified voltage.
There are a couple of resistors that I don't know how they are connected.


I would expect an even number of LEDs, because two strings are connected in parallel. To change the device for 120V, the LED circuit has to be changed to 4 parallel strings (e.g. 4x36), the 2.2 µF series capacitor value has to be doubled and the resistors should be adjusted. Possibly the filter capacitor should be increased, too. I guess, it's more comfortable to buy a 120V device.

For 12V DC, you would want to make a new wiring PCB.

P.S.: My guess for the circuit, some values to fill in.
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The 2.2uF cap is the big fat one marked 225, 4.7uF is the nearest size available, you need one class x or class y or one rated at least 400v.
thank you all so much for the guidance. It is much appreciated.

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