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network modules: USR TCP T2 / FS100


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Mar 21, 2021
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Hi guys, I don't know if I'm posting in the correct place here on the forum.

Does anyone know the USR TCP T2 and FS100 modules, sold on Aliexpress?

I'm new to programming, 1 year ago I posted here with beginner's doubts, today I have programmed 2 firmwares that occupied most of the 18f46k22 and 18f252, which were very well done in the project itself. But my question is not about programming the mCu in C! 👇
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I'm trying to configure the USR TCP T2 and FS100 modules, (purchased on Aliexpress) through AT commands, without using their WEB APPLICATION to configure them, but I'm not succeeding.

I connected two network modules, USR TCP T2, to each other, TX RX / RX TX I use a serial communication application, emulating a microcontroller, with it I expected to have module returns, I will also do it with the microcontroller, but I don't have result none.

In the manual it says that if I send the U character (0x55) I should get the result K, indicating that everything is ok, but I don't have any result

If I connect the CFG pin to GND, which is what the manual asks for, I don't have any results either, I just get the U character, just by connecting the CFG to GND.

/**************************************************** **************************************************** **************/
In the same way I try to configure the FS100, but I don't get any results either, I connected them to each other, and connected to the serial by the test application, TX-RX RX-TX, this one even returns strange characters. Example, sending AT+VER, according to the manual, I should receive the firmware version, but I only get strange characters.

What am I doing wrong? 😬

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