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need tutorial to draw layout

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Jul 28, 2006
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i need a basic tutorial to draw layouts, i am very new to layouts

thank you

Are you using cadence for this ?

Hi deepak,

You can follow any Good Layout book, If you want tutorials regarding tools you can get those with tools it self

If you want free s/w then go for
there you can download s/w and it will include documents also which will explain procedure and tools usage.

hi yalanand

i am using magic

i dont want the commands to add color or anything ..... what i want is how to draw layout .. i mean where to give poly .. where to give source,drain , vdd ,vss etc .

i mean i dont the tutorial for a particular software .. i need it in a generalised way

Hi deepak,

I dont have any tutorial for layout design, but I can upload Layout book if you want and also for good layout engg it is must to know fabrication process ( wat is the sequence of masks that we will use)

hi kpsai26779

thank you very much

hi kpsai

can u plz upload the layout book ??

Basic fabrication process go through the kamran eshragian.after that u should start with layout.

hi bcdeepak,

try reading this:

CMOS IC layout by Dan Clein
The Art of Analog Layout by Alan Hastings
IC Mask Design by Christopher Saint

these books are easy to understand. you can search the other forums for downloads.

Hi , i am attaching file, this will help you to draw layout for basic circuits.
Explained detailedly how to draw layouts from stick diagrams according to rules.

in magic tool it self there r tutorials i think u can try that first then u will get familirise with the cell and rest of the things.Then u can try the examples in the books.

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