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Need suggestion on file sharing between linux and win2k

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Feb 25, 2002
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Hi all,

I'm new in linux, I'm looking for some way to share file between linux and win2k machine. I have try the NFS but the effect is not good enough. Because the file share from win's machine to linux and the owner belong to root. Therefore, other users can goto edit or create file inside the shared directory. Anyone have any suggestion to me. I want to share files from win machine to linux machine, and let linux's user to create or edit files inside the shared directory. And I already us the following linux mount command.

mount IP:/shar_directory /mnt/directory -o rw,rsize=8192,wsize=8192,timeo=15,intr


Alternative way is to use SAMBA to share files between linux and windows.

file system

hi .. smaba is god suggestion, but you can also use some utils like explore2fs to read unix/linux ex2 partition on windows machine
look here: **broken link removed**



Hi all,

Thanks for jiang. SAMBA is a good chance. But I never make it work. Actually I have follow the menu come with the RedHat 7.3. But it never work.

Can you tell me how to config it ? Actually, I have one win2k machine and one linux machine. For easy to handle the file, I put all of file on the win2k machine. And I need the linux machine can work with the file inside the win2k machine.



samba's manual is very useful and there are some tutorials on the internet.
you can find them easily by

you can also find many book in the library that teaches you how to
share files between linux and windows by samba.


there is also a utility belong to SAMBA, (i think it is) called as "SWAT". With this utility you can set parameters and settings of SAMBA on web page, running by SWAT, on linux machien. I found it very easy and usefull. You have to set a user name and password for it.I think it will be started as deamon. After starting, just go to your linux machien from Win2k box on any web browser on somthing like "http://linuxbox:901".

It can halp you hopefully.


As I remember you don't need samba to connect to SMB shares on Windows (or other system) machine to Linux. Use smbmount ("man smbmount" for more information) to mount SMB share as a linux directory (only root can do it).

If you want to share linux data to windows users you must run samba (smbd and nmbd daemons). It is not hard. Find example smb.conf and read line by line and make changes if you need. Next start samba and look for errors in log files.

Remember to create user accounts (smbpasswd -a user) and unlock samba on firewall.

If you need more help PM me ...


Hi mickeymouse,

Can you provide more information about SAMBA share on windows to linux. Did I need install anything on the windows machine? And can be show me a example command of smbmount on linux ?


I've restarted my Windows and tried to do something on Linux and results are:

smbmount //windows_machine/share_data /mnt/mount_point -o username=windows_user,password=his_password,fmask=777,dmask=777

For more information read "man smbmount". fmask and dmask made windows shares available for all.

On windows ... you must add Microsoft Network protocols to your network configuration. You must share folder(s) and make it available for R/W. And if your shared directory is on NTFS remember to set local permissions for user.

Good Luck

PS. Commnad "mount -t smbfs -o username=windows_user,password=his_password,fmask=777,dmask=777 //windows_machine/share_data /mnt/mount_point" should make the same, but not tested :(

smbmount is a very powerful and easy-going solution for Linux-Windows connectivity. As it has already been reported in the topic, a lot of documentation can be found in the web. An advanced feature that I have used is to put an smbmount command in /etc/fstab. This way when you boot Linux you have a common directory with a windows server. By playing with permissions, you can choose which users can access it. If someone is interested in this feature, I can post my /etc/fstab!

Hi all,

Finally, I have mount the windows to the linux and no problem at all. I have one more question.

I want to start a xterm in my window machine. Actually, I have done it on my RedHat 7.3 machine. However, I meet problem on the RedHat 6.2. The question is, I don't know how to enable the rexec or rsh service on the RedHat 6.2. Since in 7.3, I know the config file. But I can't find any config for these in 6.2. Any one can help me ?


Looks like you haven't enabled the no_root_squash option in NFS.

SAMBA is a better utility. But the FTP can provide more throughput than SAMBA. On a 10Mbps network I was able to use SAMBA with almost 600Kbps but FTP was providing me upto 900Kbps.

Also there are problems and difficult to use Windows File Sharing across routers in internet. The better solution will be FTP. Or you can even use HTTP. Even SSH provides you facility to share files.

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