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Need Robot climb on wall explainations

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Could you give me any materials, sir?
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For Wall Climbing Robot, you need to use some pneumatic valves. A rubber front like in arrows to **** the air and then place their grip on the wall.

You must have seen gun arrows for children and when they shoot it those arrows just stick to the wall because of air suction. You have to design something like that.


Go to YouTube and search "watch this robot climb up walls". The robot has two fans and the tires contact the wall first. When it reaches the wall the front fan lifts the front end while the back wheels roll forward. Once vertical the fans keep the car pressed against the wall and tilt slightly forward or backwards depending on what direction you want to go.

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What would be cool is if it could fly like a drone and then land upside down on the ceiling like a bug. If you could pull that off we might be seeing you on that television program.

Fan option is also gud but it will be quite difficult because in this case you have to use brushless DC Motor as in quadcopter to create the thrust.

Suction cups was also a good idea. Provided it is a slick smooth surface.

Yeah right, normally it's used when robots need to climb on mirrors.

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