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Need help with temperature sensor project

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Nov 7, 2010
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Hello guys,
I am in trouble a little and seek your help. I am working on a temperature sensor peoject in university. I have been told that I will fail because I do not have lots of electronics in my project...It's more of a software design project.

What I have right now is a simple PSU circuit, a temperature sensor, a microcontroller and an LCD display.

I should have put an Op-Amp circuit for the signal conversion, but it's too late for that.

Does anyone have an idea how I can ADD something to my circuit, to make it more electronics oriented, preferably an output from the PIC16F685. Like an alarm or something; but something that might have a bunch or electronic parts?
I am not controlling anything, it's a monitoring project.

Thank you guys.

Something doesn't sound right about that mentality, especially at a university. Is this for a senior design/capstone class, or for some engineering/electronics course? If for the former (capstone), then the focus should be on your methods, approach, solution, implementation, trial, analysis of the results, and future plans/improvements. I would really be surprised if adding electronics would be the "right answer", in that case.

However, if you are in a hardware design class, and you were supposed to design hardware, then you might be a bit out of luck. One thing with engineering is KISS... Keep It Simple, Stupid. As a community, we strive to avoid complex systems to do simple tasks. However, some of my thoughts would be to use the PIC output to drive an LED bar graph (8 bits output), or maybe drive two or three 7-segment displays, which displays the temperature numerically. Other options would be to add a comparator circuit with a potentiometer. Use an output voltage from the PIC that is proportional to the temperature, then run that and the potentiometer voltage into the comparator to act as a level trigger for an alarm of some kind.... could be done in code, but you asked for HW options.

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