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Need help to choose a wireless Technology for Industrial application

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Jul 24, 2015
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Dear All,

I am working on a industrial IOT requirement for which I have to build a prototype.
Since in this group many of you guys have worked on it, I would require some initial suggestion to choose right technology and hardware to move forward with confidence.

My Requirement:
- Build wireless sensor network that can read analog and digital values(Industrial Range)
- Range: Around 50 to 10 mts
- Type: Connected Mesh/Network ( 1 to Many)
- It has to have a gateway/ Data collector to update to cloud
- Two way communication among the devices should be enabled
- Good to be ETSI (Europe) Regulatory Approved

My Question;
- Is there any ready solution available for this
- Or can I get some suggestions on cost effective hardware which is capable of all these
- I want to package it to a complete workable solution from monitoring to alerting (Mobile/Handheld)
I am on with my research, so would be happy to see your comments and suggestions on this.
Thanks for reading.
Sorry for typos

Internet of Things. Expected to connect even simple items to the internet, and to require the fastest, smallest IC's in the planning stage even now.

Just to bring up a related system to what you describe...

I have a weather forecast device which consists of several units: (a) gateway to the internet, (b) LCD display unit, (c) outdoor temperature sensor. (Called 'Weather Direct' by LaCrosse Technology.)

Unit 'c' sends its reading wirelessly to unit 'b'.

Unit 'b' displays all data. Unit 'b' communicates wirelessly with unit 'a'.

Unit 'a' communicates with the internet via DSL modem (connected by ethernet cable).

All units are dedicated and I'm pretty sure everything about it is proprietary.

There is a chance a ready-made system is available, or else it can be done with versatile programmable units such as microcontrollers.

Thank you Brad
By using proprietary ready-made system will increase the speed of development and produce faster results for sure,
But there is lot of dependency when a product is launched.

my requirement is similar to weather forecast device but requires interfacing with many modules to form a mesh

One such network is mesh network using zigbee

There are few solution provider like Microchip, Ti ,Digi and other..,

is their any advantage and disadvantage between these solution providers ?

Zigbee is discussed in several threads here. A search will find them.

I don't know how to advise about the brand names you mentioned.

may also be worth looking at Microchip's MiWi
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