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Need electromagnet to magnetize fluid flowing

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Oct 8, 2009
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Is there a way to create an electromagnet surrounding either a rubber hose, or steel tube in such a way as not to get hot, but still deliver a strong magnetic field? This unit would be powered by 12v DC on an automobile.

Initially I thought I would just create a winding around a portion of steel tubing, but then discovered the heat imparted to that tube may be a problem. I'm not trying to heat the fluid at all. Thanks.

Maybe if you explain a little more you might get an answer. An electromagnet around a steel tube will.....only mangetize the tube itself.

Ok, I'll try... I'm wanting to setup and experiment concerning the effects of electro eddy currents on gas or diesel, or other combustible liquids. Other people have experimented with standard magnets, but I'm wanting to "step it up" a notch.

So I want create a magnetic field around the flowing fuel, with out "heating" it. That was why I was wondering if the "field / eddy currents" existed with in the inductor even if there was no ferrous metal in there. If so, I'd create an inductor around a portion of the line that was rubber. And if the rubber acted as an insulator, I'd substitute a section of rubber with some PTFE.

Again, this would be powered off the car, so it's a 12v DC power supply. But if it had to be AC, I could hack into my alternator perhaps, and grab some juice before the rectifier. Just thinking out loud. Hope that helps explain.

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