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nedd 16 bit adc+mc - any ideas?

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16 bit adc mc

analog device has 8051 with a/d with 24/16 bit ad but speed might be slow

see hxxp://

16 bit adc interpolation


analog device microconverters(adc 16,24 bit dac 12bit)

Texas instrument have a new version of 8051 based microcontroller thst have 8ch 24bit adc check

16 bit adc inside


thank u ur information

both analogdevice and ti mc adc speed limit is very slow.

i need minimum sampling rate of 8 Khz

dou have any idea.


Look in
They have very fast ADC. But is 12 bit. Mybe you can do beter res. with
interpolation. Look app. notes on web site.

Or try with Analog Devices audio AD converters. They are wery fast with
hi resolution.

16 bit ADC at 8 kHz


From this descriptin I think this will be an audio applications. In this case I suggest ou to take audio codec which you can interface through SPI and have all audio filters built inside - otherwise you will need quite powerfull CPU to realize this filters.

In my application I use 16 bit TI DSP TMS320LF2407(a) (30(40) mips) and TLV320C1106 or you can use TLV320AC36 which costs app. 3USD. This audio codec can be interface on any platform which have SPI on minimum 2MHz - This is standard surce clock for most of Codecs.



this is not the audio application,we need only adc with mc and usb build in


mcu + adc

I sincerely think you begin to consider to use separate device,in this way you will have a lot of chance in performance and costs.

I have tried it. Its slow

The AK5371 is a low-power, stereo input ADC with a built in USB interface. This device is perfect for USB microphones, microphone arrays, and USB audio capture and headset applications. If a USB codec is required, check out AKM's AK4571.

check in this site
**broken link removed**


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