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nand flash connect to xmega128A1 by EBI

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Aug 14, 2007
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In a project I use ATXmega128A1 and save font and icons in hex mode in flash and use them for display on TFT LCD, the flash memory of ATXmega128A1 is almost full and my code is not finish.
so I need more flash memory, I find out NAND flash on EBI is good for this problem.
now I have this questions:
1) can I use nand flash like ATXmega128A1 flash? means, can i define variables on nand flash? and how?
2) can use chip like K9F2G08U0C-SCB0?
3) is that nand flash extend memory of code?
4) can i use spi flash instance ? and use as flash memory of microcontroller. (easy connect! )

so thanks!

I need define constant variables,so I can't use SPI flash.

Why so? You can store large amount of data in flash. And recover that when needed partly. How did you wanted to use K9F2G08U0C-SCB0? You will have to emulate NAND parallel interface by GPIO. You will spend 2x8 ports for that. It is unreasonable.

in codevisionAVR compiler we can use very benefit functions about TFT lcds, we need define our font and icons in flash memory and include header file and then use functions, in fact I'm travel to ATXmega from LPC1768 for good functions in codevision compiler!
now I need more flash memory for define fonts and my icons,
I'm confused! how can i extend my flash memory.
basically can I extend flash memory of ATxmega128a1?
thanks man!

Search controller with higher RAM like 4k or 8k if you want to store more graphical menu pages you can use the constant arrays in RAM.And as suggested earlier external flash is good solution with current controller with limited RAM or flash memory.

Even 8051 stored approximate 3 picture arrays.

now I use ATxmega128a1 that have 128K flash and 8K RAM
we can't use RAM for store font array, I need extend xmega flash memory.

ud23 my friend,
I can use flash for write font and other data , my problem is size of microcontroller flash, it is almost full.
I need a idea for extend flash memory of my microcontroller.


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