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My self-charging bicycle project.

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Jun 29, 2015
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Hi all.

So to start this is still just a thought of consept.

I want to have a bike with 2 motors, 1 driving it and the other as generator.
2 battery banks 12/24v, driving on one while charging the other one.
When bank 1 is down to a certain voltice thats driving the bike the controller will auto switch to bank 2 and start charging bank 1.

Is there a controller thats can do this?

Electric golf carts have this for overspeed brakes but energy saved is low while complexity and cost is high compared to a bike. But it has been done.

and the generator will work for free? it takes power as well
sorry but I see no merit in the idea

and 12 or even 24V for an electric bike is ...............far too low.

I understand what you are trying to achieve but take a step back from motors and generators and think about where the energy comes from and goes to. In order to produce power the generator has to rotate, think of where the rotary motion comes from. Also consider that both motors and generators are far from 100% efficient and you are also extracting energy from the system to move the bicycle along. Basically, you push the pedals maybe twice as hard in order to keep the bike in motion and turn the generator at the same time.


Simply connect the motor and generator shafts together and spin them for a few seconds. Do they keep spinning because the motor drives the generator that powers the motor that drives the generator that powers the motor....?
No, because a lot of the energy is wasted by the motor and generator producing heat.

Thanks for your comments.
To make the pic clearer im thinking of having 1000w rim motor driving the bike and smaller one 250/500w in front as a generator. Using it when pedaling or going down hill to charge bank 2 so I could instead just have it simple and use switch to switch over to bank 1 and start driving on bank 2.

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