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muscle stimulator circuit

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Apr 3, 2002
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looking for a muscle stimulator circuit.

I want to became a muscle man. :lol:

stimulator circuit

These units are called tenns units and provide a short duration pulse of ac current through the muscle. You will find penty of circuits on the net regarding this type of equipment . They do not make muscles big they exercise the muscle to give relief from pain and to tone the muscle up.


muscle stimulator circuits

Hi, but it is muscle simulation? :eek:

application of muscle stimulator circuit

No such thing as a free lunch, no pain, no gain, they provide no aerobic exercise, they provide no muscle building. They do help with tone.
You want big muscles man, you gota PUMP IRON.

application of musle stimulator circuit

Hmm..I've been pumping one particular muscle for what seems an entire lifetime. Sadly,'s no bigger than when I started.



muscle stimulators circuit

Give Jaba... few points! This is realistic point of view, not second hand simulation.

electrical muscle stimulator circuit

Maybe you can try 2 electrodes en 220 Vols AC :p

electrolysis muscle stimulator

I bet your right arm has got a bit of fine definition and cut then mate, with a strong grip!!!!!!

P.S. Watch out for those things, they confuse the nurons, a mobile pohone went off on the buss the other day, I was on the back seat doing 20 situps before I knew it???,

stimulator muscle circuit

Try this **broken link removed**

basic muscle stimulator circuits

Hi !

Think twice before use this device on your body. I have made it at 1986 and some information has stopped me.

First: This device used pulses with amplitude up to 60 V and you will have some blood electrolysis.

Second: The points of acupuncture in your skin have much less electrical resistance then other skin. So the current will go directly to these important stimulation points and you can get big shock in unforeseen part of your organism.

Best Wishes & 73! Klug.

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