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multiple ports excitation HFSS

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Mar 14, 2008
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hfss scaling factor

Hello everybody,

Can anyone tell me how can I excite multiple waveports at the same time at HFSS?
lets say that we define 3 waveports at HFSS when I simulate them the software assumes that only one is excited ant the other two are perfectly matched. This is not what I need? Can you please tell me how can I excite the 3 of the,m?

Thank you in advance.

multiple excitation ports in hfss

Go to HFSS->fields->edit sources and change the scaling factor.

hfss multiple exciations

I've tried this way but the results that I get are not the expected ones and they are far away from the corresponding paper, however if I use symmetry planes I get the correct I assume that they are not excited at the same time. By definition when hfss has to process multiple ports assumes one of them excited and the other ones matched. ?!Any other idea/suggestion?
Has anyone had the same problem?

using multiple ports in hfss

Hi, pls take note of the polarization of the E-fields. They should be set in the same direction otherwise results will be wrong.

I'm sure HFSS got this correctly so there must be something wrong on your side.

excitation hfss

Hi, can you please be more specific?
I guess you refer on the fields of the ports? I have used coaxial lines to feed my structure, where all of them are the same. the only difference between them is that they have a phase difference of 180 degrees in pairs of two.

hfss port excitation send receive

The E-fields on the different ports may be differently oriented. For example, the E-fields for one port may 'diverging' at one instant, and the E-fields for the other port may be 'converging' at the same instant. Both will still be the TEM mode but phases are definitely not the same.

After you have chosen wave port you should try to define an integration line.

If possible, send me the hfss file and I'll try to correct for you.

scaling factors, hfss

Do I have to define both the phase difference on the wave ports(e.g 0 to the first and 180 to the second) and also define oppoite orriented integrated lines or just one of them? Can tou give me your email address by p.m so as to send you the file.

Thank you in advance

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