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MSP430F5438IPZR:( 16-Bit Ultra-Low-Power Microcontroller)

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Oct 31, 2009
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Kerala (INDIA)
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I got a couple of this MSP430F5438IPZR:( 16-Bit Ultra-Low-Power
Microcontroller, 256KB Flash,
16KB RAM, 12 Bit ADC, 4 USCIs,
32-bit HW Multi) microcontroller from Texas as free samples. I have some experience with pic16f only. Then i am really impressed of the features of this microcontroller, feel its really excellent.

now i am in doubt how to start with it. Even i dont know how to solder that to a pcb. Is there any IC socket available for there type of microcontroller?Because first time i am going to use an SMD. Any one have any previous experience with this microcontroller? And , which c compiler is used for this texas micros?

you need a setup as shown to download the program to controller

For more information you may visit
**broken link removed**

IAR compiler which you can downloaded from ti website for free is good enough for start.

but i think that readymade dev board may be much costly and now i couldnt buy that. Then i am planning , if possible, then to design a single layer PCB for this purpose.
Then i would also like to know if any serial port programming available for this.
And any one experienced this microcontroller?

I tried the same(using single layer pcb for this but failed), as it is mixed signal processor there will be major consideration of noise.If you know any employee in ti try getting the development board by free.
Else try by downloading the same pcb design for above given development board from ti website and reform it.

I searched in google for MSP430F5438IPZR circuit diagram but i didnt got any thing. Now from where i could get a burning circuit diagram for this?

vinod,if your need is developing an application then you can go for board making. but if your need is studying the microcontroller features then i would suggest only for target board as you can learn about various controllers of msp430 series.
And using the jtag provision in the development board you can emulate just more than simulating the controller and debugging even by its register level.


I am a user of this chip from the day a beta version was released (XM430F5438).
When I started embedded programming, as I had no means to make my own PCBs, I was using
conversion boards. I think it's the fastest / less trouble solution. For your info, there are
adapter boards here: Sockets - SMD Adapters
But you should also consider that since it has 100 pins, there is quite some work to wire it.

I would simply buy a development board from texas. It works out of the box.

I used the following board with this chip:
**broken link removed**

By the way, soldering SMD is really easy.
1. Put some solder on the PCB so that the pins corresponding to the processor
look round shaped (careful not to leave solder bridges).
2. Place the processor (this is the most difficult operation). Once you hold it in place
within +/- 0.05mm of its pattern (just verify that the pins and patterns are centered),
you can solder a single pin (for instance pin 1) by just pressing the pin on the pattern
with your iron.
3. Now there is only one pin soldered. Turn the board so that you can solder pin 51 (in
case you have soldered pin 1). At that point, you can still modify by heating pin 1 or 50
to make small corrections.
When it's properly in place (i.e when all the pins are above the pattern), you can solder
the other pins with a clean iron, flat tip. My iron's tip is about 2.5mm wide, so I can
solder the pins 5 by 5.

That's it.

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