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[Moved]: temperature sensor spice simulation

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Sep 22, 2010
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I'm tryimg to simulate a temperature sensor that has 7-bit output depending on the input temperature from -40C to 125C. in spice (I'm using eldo which similar to Hspice or star-spice).
The issue that I'm having is how to change temperature with time (increase and decrease) to watch those bits changes because all what i can do now is to run a DC analysis .DC TEMP -40 127 5 which only increase in one direction or .Tran 0 10u at each temperature. Please if you have any idea to help thank you all in advance. I try to use .PARAM TEMP and define TEMP as a pulse didn't work.

Thank again

Re: temperature sensor spice simulation

I think you might need to move to a veriloga model of your
sense element (and any critical fellow travelers) that makes
temperature a dynamic (e.g. an input voltage port) rather
than static variable. This goes all the way to the bottom of
the compact model equations and even the more temperature
aware simulators (DTEMP param on models allowing temp offset
per device, for example) seem to be stuck at t=0.

There do exist veriloga versions of some device SPICE models.
Not always easy to find, or the one you particularly want
existing, necessarily. And you have the task of fitting such
a specialty model to your device's behavior.

Re: temperature sensor spice simulation

I will look at that

Thank you very much


If you're still looking for a solution, maybe this thread and the person who posted it, Englewood, can help:

"Temperature cut off?"

They needed to model an LM35 and found a simulation program to resolve an issue that a Spice version didn't have a model for.

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