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[Moved]: High Power Amplifier Acquisition

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Brian Kraft

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Sep 2, 2015
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I was wondering if anyone knew of a place to acquire used high power microwave amplifiers? Or just general used hardware for MW and RF experimentation? I am looking to use a signal generator and amplifier to produce a variable frequency/high power source in the GHz range for waveguide applications but haven't found much luck with aimless googling.

hi Brian
welcome to the forums :)

can you be a little more specific in the frequencies of interest
and also what is your definition of high power ?

I hope you have deep pockets
just as an example, my RF sig generator covers 10 kHz to 8GHz with a max of around 10 dBm out US$1500 used price from eBay

here's some broadband high power examples ....

I can guarantee you will need VERY DEEP pockets, any of these devices will run into the multiple $1000's

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Thanks for your response Dave, I am happy to be on the forum. I would be working in the S band probably closer to the 2 GHz end. I guess I would quantify "high power" as being in the 100s of watts (also I apologize for using such a subjective term).

The team I am with has $3000-$4000 to spend on an amplifier at the moment. Unfortunately we need to implement an amplifier and show some quantifiable results before we can hope to obtain more funding. As you mentioned these devices are very expensive and I realize our current amount might be insufficient.

We have a quote to rent a 100 W amplifier for a month but I believe that is for a very nice and newer amplifier. I think we could get away with using an older or lower quality amplifier for our experiment hence my interest in a used model. We're certainly limited by our budget, but I figured it might be worth making a post and trying to get in contact with more experienced individuals in the microwave industry. Thank you for your time.

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    Brian Kraft

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Thank you very much for taking the time to post those links, I think an older Ophir amplifier is what we will end up using.

Keep in mind old electrolytics can dry out and these are brute force bridge linear supplies with Class A or A-B Amps with an overall power efficiency of 2~15% or so but high linearity.

If you have specs on gain, IP3 , BW , noise level, etc , that would be a good start for must haves.

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